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I have known Mrs. D’Uva for quite a long time, as a matter of a fact, she was my fifth grade teacher! Ever since 5th grade, before becoming a certified life coach, Mrs. D’Uva has been an inspiration and a source of encouragement in my life. When I found out she had become a professional life coach, I was very excited because I know how well she can motivate and connect with people to achieve their goals. Now I am a year out of college and she coaches me weekly. I have always struggled with positive motivation, anxiety, and coping with stress. My sessions with Mrs. D’Uva have really made me think about myself in a different light and have made me understand the importance of a balanced life. I have found myself able to combat my stress, minimize anxiety, and recognize the positive aspects of my daily life. I always look forward to our sessions and I utilize what I learn from her every single day. I can honestly say that I wish I had her as a life coach way before this point in my life!


2nd Lieutenant

US Army

Working with Tara has helped our daughter maximize her potential. By empowering her with academic and essential life skills, Caroline has excelled in the classroom while also maintaining a healthy school/life balance. She has learned how to be her own advocate and to design actions that support her goals. Most importantly, my husband and I feel our daughter will be better prepared to navigate the college application process due to the tools she has acquired from working with an academic life coach!

~Valerie Charlotte, NC

Our son was an average student with a passion for sports. Tara really connected with him and we were able to see immediate results in his academic life, confidence, and his communication with us and his teachers! It is such a worth-while investment in your child! We have referred friends and they have been so appreciative. Every student should have the opportunity to go through this program!

- Jack's Mom Tucson, AZ

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