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"Homeschooling" in the time of Covid-19

The Memes about "homeschooling" being sent around recently have brought out so much laughter in such a serious time. But keep in mind, most parents are not actually homeschooling. The kids are at home. They’re “going to school” but we are not actually homeschooling. For most of us, our teachers are planning, assigning and grading. We may be acting as an aide and occasionally assisting. But let’s thank the teachers this week for pulling this new way of reaching our kids together with very little time! ��. If they’re actually teaching through a virtual classroom, it’s probably very nerve wracking to know that some parents are also on the receiving end. Teachers are missing those little faces and the energy they give back during lessons. They’re worried about those they’ve worked so hard to support so far this year and disappointed for the lessons they counted on that may be too tricky to attempt over a computer. Thanks teachers. Parents, if you’re working from home and trying to simultaneously manage your kids, kudos to you! Be kind to yourself. It’s a time like no other and I think families will truly come out of this stronger. Happy Friday! Looks like the weekend is going to be very similar to the week. ��

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