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Give your teen or young adult an EDGE.

Life Coaching intrigued me as a teacher and a mother as I witnessed the immediate and dramatic results it had on the students being coached. It is an experience that every person can benefit from. I strongly believe that we all serve an important purpose in life, and it is our responsibility, as citizens of the world, to live up to our personal best. It is my mission to help others to OPTIMIZE and fulfill their personal potential, exceed even their own expectations of themselves and feel successful in every aspect of their lives.

The Academic Life Coaching program and certification was important to me as I have observed students from coast to coast undergo the high demands and pressure in today's academic world. School districts and parents have limited resources, training and time to prepare students to navigate through today's stressful life situations in a healthy and balanced way. The approach of Academic Life Coaching is an integral part of the future of education. The positive and immediate impact this program has is more than rewarding. Every middle school, high school and college across the country would greatly benefit from providing an Academic Life Coach for their students. Until then...give your tween, teen or young adult the EDGE that will set them up with LIFE skills to use today and tomorrow.

All sessions are confidential. Meetings are flexible to meet the needs of busy schedules. I meet with clients over the computer, phone or in a neutral location such as a coffee shop. Proximity is not an issue. By request, parents are sent an update of topics covered and goals set after each meeting.

Explore the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. Check back later for website updates. There's much more to come!

The only person you can be better than, is the person 

you were yesterday.

Thank you for visiting!

- Tara L. D'Uva

About the coach

Tara has been an educator since 2001. She has taught grades K-7th, has a masters in Curriculum & Instruction and is a certified supervisor. Most recently, she worked for Children's Literacy Initiative as an Early Literacy Specialist, coaching teachers in grades K - 3.

She was born and raised in New Jersey and is a graduate from the University of Arizona. Go Wildcats!

Growing up, Tara was involved in many leadership positions, was an accomplished dancer, and a high achieving student. She is passionate about being a mom, a wife, teaching, researching how people learn & interact, writing, traveling, and baking!

She happily resides in Rumson, NJ with her husband, 3 children, & Samoyed, Lola.  

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