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You just may have found what you've been looking for. Within the corporate world, those in high-level positions are familiar with executive coaching. My job as an Academic Life Coach is to empower my clients with the necessary tools to find their own solutions to common issues. Does your tween, teen, or young adult just want to step it up, but isn't sure how to get there? This is where I come in. Life Coaching is a way to OPTIMIZE your potential and to maximize your personal success in every area of your life.

There isn't a student or young adult who couldn't benefit from this coaching program! Topics such as Thinking & Learning Styles, Resilience, Assumptions, Limiting Beliefs, Stress, Grades, Friends, Procrastination, Time Management, Motivation, Communication w/Family, Parents & Teachers, Personal Leadership and Confidence, and Preparation for the Future are all covered. Parent sessions and workshops are available as well! Give yourself, your teen or young adult the EDGE. Empower them. This program is a gift that will have a profound impact on how each client will move forward through his or her life.

New Passionate Parenting resources coming soon! Please check out my blog. Click on Passionate Parenting Blog on the navigation bar above.

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